What You Need To Know About Creating The Best Trade Show Display

Trade shows are known for being a sea of booths, backdrops and tables. When you're trying to market yourself in an environment like this, how do you draw attention and stand out from the crowd? If you're planning a booth for your first trade show, the first thing you should focus on is making your display unique. From the design to the level of interaction at your booth, every decision you make contributes to how memorable it is. Here are three ideas to consider when you're trying to build a booth that is unforgettable.

Avoid Blending in With the Crowd

When you're in a confined space with so many other booths, it's easy to blend in with all of the other booths around you. You'll have to be proactive about your design if you really want to set your product apart. As you start to develop an idea of the image you want your booth to project, consider the addition of permanent display fixtures that will make it easier for you to use all of your booth surfaces for interactive information, product displays and other details that are sure to draw the crowds in.

Consider the Longevity

You'll also want to make sure you're investing in a booth that will last you for many years of shows. The more frequently you use that booth at shows, the more likely it becomes that repeat customers will recognize your brand. And, as more customers start to recognize it, you might get more word-of-mouth mentions.

The best way to ensure that your booth is going to last is to ensure that you're investing in high quality display fixtures and durable materials. Think about investing in a collapsible structure for your show displays, because they are easier to customize to fit any trade show booth footprint.

Give Everybody a Reason to Stop

Recognizing that most customers and potential clients visit trade shows to check out the giveaways is important. There's always at least one booth at each show that's giving away the cool stuff that everybody talks about. If you want to be the booth that everyone is talking about, work closely with a marketing consultant who can help you create the perfect giveaway to promote your product.

After all, everybody gives away hats and pens. Those aren't the things that people are going to rush over for. Instead, consider hosting a raffle for a large giveaway and then give away a few smaller, fun trinkets that people can keep on their desks to be reminded of your company. One benefit of raffles is that everyone who wants a chance has to fill out the slips. This gives you a great place to start to build your next marketing list.

Talk with your marketing team about display fixtures that will allow you to advertise your giveaway in a way that will catch everyone's eye. If they can't see it from a distance, they have no reason to come check out the signs.

The right trade show preparation can be a significant factor in your success. Consider the information here when you're planning for your first show.